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This summer I have been trying to wear dresses more frequently. Have I been enjoying wearing them? Honestly, I don't know. I like the idea of a pretty dress, but sometimes I feel like they do not suit my personality.  This is definitely an interesting experiment as frequently we think something might be good for us, especially if other people do it or if other people tell us it's good for us, but if we were to really pay attention to how we feel about that something, we might realize that it's not "our thing." Sometimes I feel this way about dresses - I like them on other people, I know they bring out our femininity, I know they look nice, but I don't feel as comfortable wearing them as some other items of clothing.  This also depends on the type of a dress and the occasion. Glamorous going-out dresses are a "yes" for me, sexy bodycon dresses are also a "yes" for me, but those freely, flowy, girly, every-day dresses are still to be determin

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