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Looking Forward to the Fall

I have always been a summer girl. Living in New York, summer has always been the time of endless parties, brunches, dinners out. I always look forward to the hot summer days which can be spent in short shorts, little dresses, crop tops - it feels nice to not have to carry heavy coats. This year was different. As much as I still enjoyed the summer, it was not the same given that all fun places were closed and we were stuck in our hot apartments with very little air conditioning. I am not sure if that was the reason or if I am just changing as I get older, but this year I was very much looking forward to the fall. All of a sudden I realized just how much I love this season. The weather is nice and comfortable, the air is crisp, the nature is changing in a beautiful way - what's not to love? I also enjoy the seasonal fashion changes. Light summer clothes are great, but in the fall we can make our outfits interesting and play around with layers. And of course the fall colors - the dee…

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